The Prospero project investigates what is the most suitable occasion for delivery memory training. With the hypothesis that users are more likely to accept prompt for a short memory training when they are not busy, we used physiological sensors to monitor the user's cognitive load and prompted for memory training only when the cognitive load is low. The PropectFit project is under review as a journal submission for IMWUT, and the Prospero project has been accepted at the Augmented Human International Conference 2019 (AH2019) and will be presented in March this year in Reims, France.


  • Samantha W. T. Chan, Haimo Zhang, and Suranga Nanayakkara. 2019. Prospero: A Personal Wearable Memory Coach. In Proceedings of the 10th Augmented Human International Conference 2019 (AH2019), 26:1–26:5. [DOI], [PDF]